Random Chakat Thoughts

If you know me, you know that I grew up in a super conservative family and was raised by narcissistic parents in a religious setting. From an early age my whole world view was fucked up and my own identity got seriously screwed with.

It’s taken many years to start to even realize the depth of the abuse and trauma, let alone properly deal with it. It’s not surprising that someone who was so forcibly repressed and had their childhood stolen would be interested in being part of a “silly” fandom that allows for all sorts of expression and some level of immaturity that I was never allowed to have as a kid.

I also find myself wanting to find all the other kids like me out there and rescue them. Now with parents being given technology to track and monitor their kids, and even putting cameras inside their children’s rooms to monitor them, I find it hard to fathom just how terrible life as a kid in a conservative family would be in the western world right now.

So I’m here, weird chakat person, thinking about how to stage the prison break of an entire generation. I’m not sure if someone who was in their teens today got into the fandom of it would provide the same revelations that it did to me. I hope it would.