About Sky

Welcome to my den, and my little corner of the Internet. My name’s Skystryder or Sky for short, and I’m a Tiger Chakat (with some modifications).

I’m tall (about 6’ 2”) and like all chakats a full hermaphrodite (my male and female sides are fully functional). My cock is equine influenced and can be between 8 to 14” depending on the size and wants off whoever is under me. My breasts are lactating with a milkwater aphrodisiac all the time, and I’m very open and willing to letting others drink.

I’m very much a dom, and only sub for a select few. I keep close and loving relationships with multiple mates, making me polyamorous, and also keep a few pets in a master/pet relationship with a sexual focus.

My goal in life is to help others be more sexually expressive, and to make erotica and sex less of a taboo a little at a time. I’m open to DMs, so say hi on Twitter if you want to exchange contact info.